Submission Details

Please send submissions to:

You can find our submission requests and wishlists under "About Us" and sometimes on Carrie's Twitter and Cassie's Twitter. 

We are always looking for voice-driven books, and because both of us have a background in poetry, we love beautiful sentences. 

Initial Queries:

We respond to initial queries within a few weeks, usually days. We make a point to read the entire query, including letter and first twenty pages. We do our best to respond to every single query that comes through our inbox. Please understand that a pass on an initial query does not mean the book is bad or will never sell, but instead, we may not be able to best represent that manuscript, and think another agent would be better suited. 

Full Manuscripts:

If we have requested a full manuscript, ideally we would love to get back to you within six weeks, but it has taken up to three months. We read an entire manuscript if we request it and give detailed feedback either way. 

Please give us a nudge if you have gotten other offers, haven't received a response from us in several months, or have news to share about your manuscript (pieces of the book have been published, the manuscript is a finalist for a book prize, you've been on a podcast, etc). We love good news!