About Howland Literary

Howland Literary is located at 115 West 29th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001. 

You can reach us by phone at (929)-508-8900.

Howland Literary was founded in the fall of 2018 by Carrie Howland after two years with Empire Literary and eleven with Donadio & Olson. Howland seeks to represent authors who have been marginalized within the publishing industry, and we are looking for diverse voices, #ownvoices, and LGBTQ+ writers especially. 

Carrie Howland, President


Carrie Howland founded Howland Literary, LLC in 2018, after thirteen years as an agent, most recently at Empire Literary.

Carrie holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Albion College, where she was the Poetry Editor of The Albion Review. Her poetry has appeared in various literary journals and magazines.

She attends several conferences, both nationally and internationally, throughout the year. Her craft talk from the Adirondack Writers Conference, "Beyond the Query Letter," is available on the Howland Literary website.

In her spare time, Carrie volunteers as a foster for a local dog rescue and is an active member of the Junior League. Her passions include music, pop culture, and the Midwest.  

She has been featured in several publications discussing her work as an agent including Poets & Writers, SCWBI insight, Akashic Books, and Slice Magazine.

Carrie is accepting submissions for: adult literary, upmarket, and commercial fiction as well as memoir, narrative and prescriptive non-fiction. Please send your query letter and first 20 pages to submissions@howlandliterary.com.

For non-submission inquiries, she can also be reached at carrie@howlandliterary.com

Cassie Mannes Murray, Assistant Literary Agent


Before pivoting into publishing, Cassie Mannes Murray was a high school teacher for six years and ran an infamous book blog known as Books & Bowel Movements where she worked with many brands, including several publishing houses and indie presses. She was also brought up in literary magazines at Raleigh Review, where she was the Book Review Editor, Social Media Coordinator, and Accountant. 

She holds a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from North Carolina State University, and is working on her MFA at UNCW in creative nonfiction. She currently does design  for Ecotone and Lookout Books, and her writing has been supported by the Shannon Morton Fellowship, Sundress Academy for the Arts, and Kenyon Writers Workshop. 

She is working on a nonfiction book and a novel. Her writing can be found in Passages North, Essay Daily, The Rumpus, and Hobart. 

Her website with her work and portfolio can be found here.

Cassie is accepting submissions for adult fiction and nonfiction. She is interested in representing literary fiction, thrillers, commercial fiction, slipstream, speculative work (typically not high fantasy) memoir, narrative nonfiction, as well as essay and short story collections. 

Because genre categories are for marketing purposes, Cassie would like to work with authors who are difficult to categorize, but are passionate about writing at the sentence level. She would like to work with writers who elevate and innovate structure, point-of-view, and language especially. Please send your query and first 20 pages to submissions@howlandliterary.com 

For non-submission inquiries, she can be reached at cassie@howlandliterary.com

Clients include: Emma Bolden, Erin Slaughter, and Emme Lund.

Cheyenne Faircloth, Intern / Spring 2020

Cheyenne Faircloth, Intern / Spring 2020

Cheyenne Faircloth, Intern / Spring 2020


Cheyenne is an avid bookworm and cat enthusiast. She attends the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and is obtaining her BFA in Creative Writing. She loves history, though she only had the minor for a day before deciding that a certification in publishing would suit her better. Her literary blog Cheykspeare was founded over a year ago and is where she posts book reviews and samples of her writing. Her blog has allowed her to work closely with publishers and authors alike, and was the catalyst that lead to the discovery of her passion for the publishing world.

Joshalyn Walters, Intern / Spring 2020

Cheyenne Faircloth, Intern / Spring 2020

Cheyenne Faircloth, Intern / Spring 2020


Joshalyn Walters is a pining poet, a creator of fictitious worlds, and mother of two children. Currently, she is working on her B.A. in creative writing at UNCW, as an intern for Howland Literary Agency, and a cashier at Circle K. She has been published in the New River Anthology, 2017, in which she won the Right to Write Award. When she isn't people watching or binge-watching The Originals, you can find her huddled in a corner researching for her next project.